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If there is one iconic dish that the UK is known for around the world it is fish and chips. This simple but finger licking meal is both humble and can be eaten with your hands wrapped up in paper. There is no denying that this is one of the most loved dishes in the UK.

Saltd & Batterd is a family-run Fish & Chip Shop “Chippy”, based in the heart of Leeds that firmly believes in keeping ingredients simple to maintain quality and sustainability.

Being a family-run Chippy, our heavenly fish and chips will rival the rest! We pride ourselves on the freshness and quality of our food, and work with very strict guidelines to ensure high hygiene standards, quality and consistency. Equally we pride ourselves on being able to trace the path of our fish from sea and potatoes from the soil to you.

The equipment we use is high end to ensure we offer a premium service every day, and we pride on our presentation in a traditional fish and chips combo.

Opening our very first branch in September 2020, we carefully renovated and made improvements to original shop. Taking into consideration what our customers and our local community would want from their local Chippy and to invigorate a sense of nostalgia.